Sud Associates, P.A.
Consulting Engineers
Commercial Projects
Foreign competition and rising energy costs are squeezing the profit margins of our
commercial and industrial clients.  Although design for comfortable, aesthetically
pleasing and easy to maintain facilities is still important, cost effective initial designs,
high energy efficiency and innovative energy solutions are imperative in this global

Other concerns include OSHA requirements, indoor air quality concerns, temperature and power quality, complex
modern communication systems, practicality in lighting systems, operational performance, redundancy
requirements for critical areas, employee comfort and practicality/functionality to ease maintenance.  

Sud Associates has vast experience with the elements associated with the delivery of these corporate projects – on
time, on budget and with minimal disruption to the business. Sud Associates is a leader in offering a comprehensive
set of services to enhance the Owner’s bottom line.   Our solutions can reduce initial and operational costs, and add
return to your facility investment.

We have also performed studies for energy management, facility condition evaluations, renovation studies & life-
cycle cost comparisons of modifications for over 2,000+ buildings, 100+ million square feet.  Recommend and
program for modifications.  Life Cycle Cost Analysis.  We design:  Energy Conservation Measures, Design
Sustainable Buildings, as well as energy recovery and reuse in manufacturing processes.