Sud Associates, P.A.
Consulting Engineers

  • 900,000 sq. ft. facility
  • Mechanical design by Sud Associates
  • 1.5 miles of piping
  • 1.0 mile steel tubing for solar panel frame
  • 640 solar thermal panels totaling 20,000 sf
  • 20,000 sq. feet of panels
  • 30,000 gallon stainless steel solar hot water storage tank
  • Two adsorption chillers, totaling 300 tons
  • Peak heating output is 4.3 million BTU/hour

Two independent glycol loops collect solar heat from the solar panel arrays and, using plate and frame heat
exchangers, the heat is put into a large non-pressurized tank.  Two adsorption chillers will make use of the solar heat
in the summer.  These chillers are unique in that they produce cooling with relatively low temperature water. All the
piping in the mechanical room for the chillers, heat exchangers, and distribution pumps and piping are designed to
enable a tie in to the existing hot water and chilled water distribution systems within the buildings.  The project includes
Direct Digital Controls and monitoring and BTU metering to allow the owners of the central plant to bill for the heating
and cooling capacity delivered.

Sud Associates provided engineering design and construction period inspections for this project.

*International Energy Agency in Paris (IEA)
World’s Largest Solar Thermal Cooling Project*

Solar Heating/Adsorption Chiller
Central Heating/Cooling Plant