Sud Associates, P.A.
Consulting Engineers
Sud Associates, P.A.
Consulting Engineers
        K THRU 12
Today’s project decisions are more challenging than
ever.  Costs are escalating due to higher energy costs
and the competition for materials with booming
overseas economies.  Government agencies are
requiring stricter guidelines and are taking longer to
complete reviews.  Contractors are struggling with many
issues.  Sud Associates has weathered these problems
and come up with design and construction
administration policies to manage these issues.  
‘:Your firm did an excellent job design and construction administration for a project that presented several significant obstacles.  You were
given a short design window, an aggressive construction schedule and the building itself held many unknowns…Your staff worked through
several issues related to existing conditions and pushed this project through completion in what seemed like an impossible schedule.  The
project came in on budget and on schedule…I would fully recommend your firm to any customer in need of a quality design team…”

-- Christopher Boyd, AVC Facilities Management, University of North Carolina School of the