Sud Associates, P.A.
Consulting Engineers
Why work with Sud Associates?  Our work speaks for itself and our satisfied clients speak for
us.  Please visit our Portfolio to see the types of projects we have coordinated in the past to
see how we have met the specific needs of our diverse clientele.  Key points on our business
practices include:

In working with Sud Associates, you can be assured that you are collaborating with a team of
dedicated, motivated and talented individuals with a record of successful solutions-oriented
projects.  The extensive experience that we bring to the table gives us a unique perspective
on design projects.  We provide a high level of quality control in organizing plans, designing,
and producing construction documents that are well coordinated from a constructability
standpoint.  One of the things that sets Sud Associates apart from other engineering firms is
that we seek out the expertise and opinions of all stakeholders in a project, such as design
and construction staff, trades and maintenance technicians, building occupants and users, and
management.  By building consensus and involving all relevant parties we seek to both find
the best technical solution approach for a project as well as create an integrated transition
from the design phase to the construction phase to project occupancy.

Delays and budgeting problems typically occur due to improper planning and breakdowns in
communications.  Before starting the actual design work on a project, we carefully study the
available drawings and make multiple site visits to fully understand the facility.  We use this
information to develop solutions that meet the project requirements within the available
limitations.  We explore multiple solutions and are not hesitant to “think outside the box” and
develop innovative solutions giving the Owner “more bang for the buck.”  A large part of Sud
Associates’ success is due to the intense involvement of its experienced and dedicated
principals in every phase of the work.  We are a medium-sized firm, and every client and every
project, whether large or small, receives attention throughout from the firm’s principals.  Our
clients appreciate this dedication, high level of expertise, and attention to service – and that’s
why they return to work with again and again!

“Sud Associates works to provide the best solutions for today while planning for the future.” - - Charles Brown, AIA,
LEED AP, Principal Brown Architecture, Inc.